Job Site Wireless Customer Owned Equipment Activations Support
If you've already got Sprint wireless equipment that you need to get activated immediately, give us a call at 415.760.7470!

We want to help you get up and running with your Sprint wireless service as quickly as possible - no matter where you got your equipment! *

  • Bought a box a phones from some classifieds website and need to activate them? No problem!
  • Purchased phones from a recycled phone reseller and need to get them activated? No sweat!
  • Want to re-activate some phone equipment that you turned off when business was slow? Piece of cake!
* Please exercise caution when buying wireless equipment from unknown sources. Job Site Wireless cannot and will not be held liable for attempting to activate phone equipment that
has been lost, stolen, or determined to be on the Sprint Nextel lost/stolen list. Job Site Wireless sources all equipment from lawful and reliable sources.
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