Job Site Wireless is going green with our Equipment Recycling Program!

Have you got some old wireless phone equipment sitting in the back of the office or in your warehouse just taking up
space? Of course, you don’t want to toss it into the garbage – that would just mean more potentially harmful waste in
our landfills. So, what do you do?

Job Site Wireless wants to help you clean house! Just box up your old unwanted wireless equipment and send it to:

Job Site Wireless
Job Site Wireless Equipment Recycling Program
PO Box 2143
San Rafael, CA 94912-2143


Call us at 415.760.7470


email us at:

…and we will make sure it gets disposed of properly!

You’ll be doing your part to help keep potentially harmful items out of our landfills – and that will help us all!
Do you have a local company event that you would like our wireless recycling team to be at? Give us a call at 415.760.7470 or email us today!
Existing Sprint customers.....ask about
how you can receive billing credits for
recycling your used wireless
equipment through Job Site Wireless!
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